eCommerce Success During COVID-19 Results

eCommerce Success During COVID-19

COVID-19 proved to be a difficult time for the economy, but that didn’t mean it had to be a difficult time for our clients. We strode to maintain our momentum through the initial down turns.


Project Summary

 During a two week period of “lock down” not only were we able to increase revenue for clients but, produce triple, even quadruple digit ROAS (return on ad spend)  percentages totaling 15,800.54%, and averaging 2,257.22% per client.

Key Definitions

Amount Spent: The amount spent during the 2 week time frame on ad delivery.
Purchase Conversion Value: The amount of revenue generated from the campaigns.
Add To Cart Conversion Value: The total dollar amount of items added to cart during this time.

Proven Results

15,800% Total Return On Ad Spend

2,257% Average Return on Ad Spend

3 Weeks Of COVID-19 Lockdown

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