lead generation Auckland

lead generation Auckland

lead generation Auckland

How many visitors, who come to your website, end up being your customers? Do you generate a lot of traffic to your website, but you can't convert it into sales opportunities? If this is your problem... You need to generate more leads.

If this is your problem, what you need is to improve your conversion rates. That is, convert more visitors into leads (sales opportunities).

Before we start looking at the inbound marketing methodology, you will be able to generate more leads, it is necessary to understand the concept of lead.

What is a lead?

Leads are people who become part of a database through a form or any data collection tool.

Leads or marketing leads are people who visit a website and leave their data to download or sign up for any offer they are interested in. Therefore, it will be important to plan and create both content offers oriented to the tastes of the visitors you intend to transform into leads and data capture tools that favor conversion.

Lead acquisition or generation can be made through various inbound marketing tools:

A. CTA (call to action)

Calls to action are presented in the form of buttons, banners, graphics, or text. These should be strategically placed to invite visitors to your website to download a form or perform an action. These buttons are inserted on your website, on your blog, or in your emails to become conversion tools. These CTAs can be customized based on the contact's personal data, their activity, or if they are anonymous, we can customize them by their geographic location, device, or language.

CTAs allow a user to access a content offer on a landing page, where they will leave their data to obtain the content.

B. Landing pages

A landing page (or landing page) is a web page that has the sole objective of converting visitors into leads or getting leads to move forward in the buying process. To achieve this lead generation, the landing page must promote a content offer of interest to visitors. The data capture process on landing pages is made possible by forms that request information from visitors, and in return, allow them to download content.

When a contact clicks on a call to action, they are redirected to a landing page. Once inside them, we must optimize it in order to improve conversion rates and thus generate more leads. If they fill in a form with their data, they will become leads or sales opportunities. In return, the contact will receive an offer of content that we have promised. These landing pages can be customized with the information that will have been collected from the contact, the sector to which it belongs, the interests or tastes shown, geographic area, among other options.

C. Intelligent forms

Forms are the basic tool to generate more leads, and they will provide all the necessary information about the contact so that we can close the sale. The information collected from all contacts will allow us to segment them so that we can create lists of potential customers according to interests, activity sectors, geographic distribution, and as many as we have information. 

The forms can be customized for each of the phases of the conversion funnel where the lead is. In addition, the information requested can be made intelligent so that a contact who has already filled in a field will not have to complete it again.

These are some of the best tools that inbound marketing uses to generate more leads.

If you want to know more about how to generate leads for your company, contact us through our website saleschocolate.com.

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