Twitch Influencer Agency

Twitch Influencer Agency

Twitch Influencer Agency

Over recent years, the platform Twitch emerged as the top platform for video streaming, anything related to gaming. Some non-gaming brands, however, also found considerable success with Twitch streamers. If you’re looking for a Twitch influencer agency that matches content creators with your brand, contact us at Cloutboost.

How does Twitch match up with rival platforms like YouTube?

There is no doubt that YouTube is absolutely the most prominent video viewing platform with billions of users worldwide. In terms of gaming content, however, it rivals Twitch for video game live streaming. While YouTube targets general content, Twitch has a niche audience of video gaming enthusiasts. Recently, however, non-gaming content is also gaining traction with Twitch.

On Twitch, almost all the content is about live streaming. It is the number one dedicated platform for live streaming games. While YouTube is also famous for live streaming, there are considerable pre-recorded videos as well. Hence, YouTube definitely has a broader reach than Twitch in terms of attracting new users. However, statistics show that Twitch users spend more time watching videos than YouTube.

Which platform is best depends on what type of products or services you want to advertise. While Twitch has some success with non-gaming brands, it is still primarily a platform for gamers, and an overwhelming majority of users are male. So, even non-gaming products will still need to appeal to the non-gaming demographic.

Which non-gaming brands found success with Twitch?

If there was one thing that was salient about TwitchCon 2019, it was how far Twitch has come in terms of diversification. Twitch is even popular now with aspiring singers and musicians, where contestants competed for a coveted deal with Columbia Records at TwitchCon.

What non-gaming brands are understanding is that they can still reach out to gamers with common products like makeup and chocolate. MAC Cosmetics, for example, leveraged the potential of the growing female gamer population with a demo at TwitchCon with popular female gamers.

Other non-gaming brands with success at TwitchCon included Honda, Hershey’s, Firefox, and Totino’s. If you’re a non-gaming brand who wants to market your products, we are a Twitch influencer agency that can help you find the right influencers for the job. Are you a makeup brand? We can connect you to female gamers, for example.

How we help clients achieve their marketing goals

The real advantage of online marketing lies in how easy it is to do targeted advertising. You can now connect with the right audience at the right time. We have the essential tools to help you achieve this, powerful data analytics tools, intimate knowledge of the video gaming industry, and connections with numerous influencers.

We use the latest technology in data analytics to quantify market potential and help you make informed decisions. These tools allow us to optimize your marketing strategies by identifying the correct channels and content to advertise your brand.

Are you a brand that’s looking for a Twitch influencer agency to reach out to gaming enthusiasts? Join a long list of Cloutboost successful clients like Hotspot Shield and Pixonic.

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