Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Project Summary

Multiple clients wanted more conversions on their website. If their conversion rate is only 2% and we can get it to 4%, we just doubled their revenue. Not to mention this makes buying ad space twice as effective. Even a fraction of a percent increase can be huge for many businesses. 

Our Strategy

Every website is a leaky bucket in some regard, meaning that no website is perfectly efficient. Impakt split tests dozens of website changes using the scientific method, until the very best iteration reveals itself. 

Proven Results

Impakt was able to increase the conversion rate of all CRO clients by at least 1%. One client in the vinyl/decal space saw a doubling of their conversion rate in just 2 months of testing. We also increased their average order value by over 60%! You can view a detailed CRO project here.


Average Conversion Rate Increase


Average Order Value Increase


Impakt Client Satisfaction Rate With CRO


I love doing CRO for clients because I get to both benefit their bottom line, and improve their website design at the same time. Customers will show you exactly why they aren’t converting, if you allow them to. In fact, I am likely watching the interaction you are having with our own website, right now.  

Mike Hudgins

Lead Web Developer, Impakt Media

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