eCommerce Success During COVID-19

COVID-19 proved to be a difficult time for the economy, but that didn’t mean it had to be a difficult time for our clients. We strode to maintain our momentum through the initial down turns.

Project Summary

 During a two week period of “lock down” not only were we able to increase revenue for clients but, produce triple, even quadruple digit ROAS (return on ad spend)  percentages totaling 15,800.54%, and averaging 2,257.22% per client.

Key Definitions

Amount Spent: The amount spent during the 2 week time frame on ad delivery.
Purchase Conversion Value: The amount of revenue generated from the campaigns.
Add To Cart Conversion Value: The total dollar amount of items added to cart during this time.

Proven Results


Total Return On Ad Spend


Average Return on Ad Spend

Weeks Of COVID-19 Lockdown


During this unfortunate time in world history, it felt good to offer our clients a sense of stability and certainty about at least one aspect of their lives. 

George Cicci

CMO, Impakt Media


Acting fast to take advantage of the increased screen time on social media made a big impact on client results. Quickly adapting strategy and rolling with the punches was key to unlocking that awesome return potential.

Lacie Geary

Senior Strategist, Impakt Media

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