A Look At Impakt’s Client Success In Quarter 2
A Look At Impakt’s Client Success In Quarter 2

By: Abby White

A Look At Impakt’s Client Success In Quarter 2

Impakt Results was a force to be reckoned with during Q2, 2020! 

We used our expertise and stellar employees to accomplish the absolute best results possible for our clients, and they came out on top with positivity and perseverance! 

Spring 2020 will forever go down as a notoriously awful time, in general, for businesses. However, Impakt clients had the opposite experience. 

With many people being confined to their homes for the safety of others, eCommerce became a driving force for revenue. Whether people were fearful of going to the store or going out and planning for post-quarantine adventures, purchasing online became the very thing that kept people safe to flatten the curve. During a time of uncertainty, Impakt was able to help maintain and even increase the success for our clients. 

Across all Verticals During Q2 COVID-19

Our average, across all verticals, for conversions was 13%. Return on ad spend was, on average, 12.22x. However, ROAS itself came to be as high as 63.89x. 

Our Breakdown of Our Two Main Verticals

Craft Vinyl:

  • Conversion Rate Average: 41.61%
  • ROAS Average: 20.84x
  • ROAS as High as: 63.88x

Power Sports and Moto:

  • ROAS: 10.68x

Impakt has also started slowly creeping into consumer packaged goods! Our client portfolio is gradually becoming more and more diverse. Between our footing in the motocross, fitness, vinyl, apparel, and many others, it is amazing to continue the opportunity to grow with our clients. We are always incredibly thankful for amazing clients that stuck with us doing the craziness of the current world, and forever impressed by our talented team of Sales, Social, and Web for handing such staggering change. 

Without client to team communication, collaboration, and perseverance, outcomes wouldn’t have nearly been as positive as they were.  What was supposed to take a dip due to current events didn’t. All because we worked together.

In a time of uncertainty, it is important to persevere. Impakt is proud to say that our clients have, and continued to flourish.

Our team thanks you for sticking with us, and we are so glad to help you reach and exceed your ecommerce and advertising goals. 

Impakt Results is an industry leader in CRO services as well as social media targeting ad campaigns. The results we achieve for our clients have proven our knowledge of the space is vast and shows since we have been providing quality services around the world for over a decade.

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