How To Build Your Motocross Brand
How To Build Your Motocross Brand

By: Abby White

How To Build Your Motocross Brand

There are many pillars to build a motocross brand. Each is important in its own right, being able to hold up your brand with a good foundation. Between great social presence, audience engagement, trend riding, and subtle promotion, you can bob and weave your way to success.

Social media is a stepping stone to displaying your brand personality and connect with your audience.

Tweet, Post, Repeat

Let’s start with diligent social media usage. When it comes to this type of media, there are two components that succeed online: organic and paid posting.

Organic posts, or posting original and consistent content daily, are necessary for engaging with your audience to gather an idea of who is interested and who you should target. Paid media targeted towards your interested, organically collected consumers succeeds when it is aimed at those interested. There needs to be synchronicity between organic and paid media to achieve success in reaching your target audiences.

Who am I talking to?

Engagement and impressions are essential when it comes to spreading your brand. You want to promote your brand without it being a blatant ad, because people don’t like advertisements. Be conversational and willing to post organic content. A lot of the time, people want to humanize brands so they can relate to them. How many brands on twitter will tweet memes or “roast” one another? Trick question: almost all of them, especially bigger brands. However, you don’t have to be a big brand to casually speak to your consumers.

Survey the content that your audiences look for. What are they interested in? How can you hone in on their interests? Use their needs and see their trends to create your raw content for their eyes only. Your goal is to become a magnet and use their needs to reel them in to your content, that way they seek out your stuff and enjoy it more. This will lead to more interest in your brand, and more impressions.

To get specific, Instagram stories are becoming more and more valuable when it comes to marketing yourself and your brands. With their 24 hour time frame for visibility, it creates an urgency to your audience. It’s definitely a great way to see who gives a hoot about your brand before they even know what content you are posting.  Instagram doesn’t allow for a preview of your stories before viewing, so people looking at your stories have a genuine intrigue about your brand, blindly seeking out your content.

Hitch Up Your Bandwagon

The ever-changing cycle of trending topics, memes, and news. They’re that one thing that everyone is talking about, and you’ll never escape it. Starting with high effort videos like the “In My Feelings” Challenge or the Harlem Shake and venturing out to things as simple as the Distracted Boyfriend or Baby Yoda memes, trends have a short life expectancy, but pack a punch in your impressions when it matters.

People flood to see how creative one another can get with an original trend template. With the decade challenge, for example, there are endless possibilities for how you go about it. A lot of people show their glow-ups, but others use it as a chance to bring public awareness to addiction recovery or domestic violence survival. Brands can use it as well to show how they’ve aged, if they’ve rebranded, or choose a cause they’ve supported from the beginning and raised money over the years.

Hoping on trends, while many people are against it for individualistic reasons, are extremely beneficial to growing a following for your brand. People like when brands are relatable and take time to enjoy the humor or things people like online. The more relatable you are, the more likely people will see what you’re about.

“Look at me!”

While your posts should be relevant and recent, you shouldn’t over-post. People will get tired quickly of over-saturation. However, you still want to be present on the minds of your audience and potentials. While it’s easy to shout, “Look at me! Please!”. Try to do it subtly.

Google, Facebook, and Instagram Ads are great ways to get that across. You can gather analytics from your audiences so that you can target the specific audience looking at your content and interacting with it. That way you know exactly what to create to increase your reach by giving the crowd what they want.


Testing several strategies to see how the audience receives them is extremely beneficial to your brand. Building that following creates a brand that people know and care about. Testing different strategies or different visuals on a A/B testing level can improve your chance on honing in those people who want to know more. The goal is to maintain captivation of those already interested and reel in those who have a foot already inside. What do they like? Dislike? How can you morph your strategies to align with their wants?

Priority #1: Customer Service

The good thing about being connected via social media is you have the opportunity to be in constant communication with your consumers. This gives leeway for instantaneous feedback from the front lines. You can resolve issues with your audience, improve your brand/products/services, and see what they’re loving all from the convenience of your fingertips.

Twitter and Facebook are especially great places for threads so that you can connect through specific tweets and postings. Their threads are pretty streamlined when involving a collective response in a timely manner.

While you are taking notes from your audience, you can also build that consumer loyalty within communicative behavior. Your relationships are like watering plants, the more you water, the longer it will last. The more you communicate with your audience or followers, the more likely your relationship will flourish and grow.

To conclude, a balance of an interesting brand personality, great consumer communication, and social presence can lift your brand and allow it to grow exponentially.

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