Impakt Media Heads First EMTB Specific Racing Team In The United States
Impakt Media Heads First EMTB Specific Racing Team In The United States

By: Abby White

This year, Impakt Media is helping spearhead the first United States specific 6 member e-bike team to compete in the 2020 GNCC EMTB Series, sponsored by Specialized. The e-bike team consists of riders Luke Nesler, Jeff Welsh, Adam Mayhew, Colin Dierman, Cooper Kunef, and Nathan Mizener.

The COO and cofounder of Impakt, Welsh is well-known for his love of cycling. Furthermore, after biking 3,000 miles, he has introduced his new goal of biking the height of Mount Everest.

Dierman, the 2019 Masters National Champion in the GNCC EMTB series, will be riding for the masters class alongside Welsh. Mayhew is competing in the Amateur Class, Mizener is our XC1 Pro Class rider, and Kunef is our Youth Class rider.

Luke Nesler, CEO of Impakt Media, team owner, and avid cyclist and BMX racer, will being riding in the Amateur Class alongside Mayhew. Nesler got into the e-bikes heavy last year with the help of one of the sponsors, and long-time friends, Wamsley Cycles. Created for the passion and growth of the sport, this EMTB racing team was born.

“Beyond my ad agency,” said Nesler, “if I can do something in the industry by fielding a team and bringing awareness to a sport…that’s the goal.” With that said, Impakt Media has done a lot of work with motocross and cycling brands, giving familiarity with the industry.

“What would make this year a success would be just to bring exposure and excitement to the sport. We want to show how much fun our team is having, how much fun these events are. And, how much fun these bikes are. Just get more people on these bikes.”

The team is participating in eight races and genuinely giving it a go for the National Championship. They all share the same excitement for the journey ahead. To document the experience, a six episode docu-series about the creating and journey of the EMTB race team and, hopefully, the GNCC Championship is in the works. 

Again, e-biking is still sinking its tires into the dirt. Nesler believes that if he has conjured more exposure for the EMTB world, that he’s succeeding off the trail too. 

Along with Impakt, the EMTB racers are sponsored by Wamsley Cycles, Luke Nesler Racing, 6D Helmets, Cush Core, and Arma Sport. Partnering with these brands has made this adventure possible for the EMTB team. Their participation will definitely get people excited about this journey for the EMTB racing franchise.

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