We Are The Conversion Brand

Impakt Results uses data and proven marketing processes to generate trackable revenue for online e-commerce brands.

Using Data And Proven Processes To Generate Results

Who We Are

Impakt Media is a digital marketing leader at driving trackable online revenue for e-commerce brands in the motocross, cycling and fitness industries.

What We Do

We use data and proven social media / search marketing strategies to provide trackable and measurable online sales for our clients.

What Makes Us Different

We are a collective of moto, cycling and fitness enthusiasts that have been involved in the sport for 20+ years. We compete in the sport and we understand your customer’s buying habits because we are your customer.

Why Our Clients Choose Impakt

Our clients work with us because we are a top 5% Facebook marketing brand that delivers an average ROI of 300%, a 20% increase in daily sales and a 60% increase in average order value

Brands We Have Worked With

Our Core Services

Social Media

Targeted Social Media Advertising

We leverage innovative targeting in our social media campaigns. Our proven formula turns attention into dollars for our clients. 

ROI Tracking & Reporting

Our ROI tracking and reporting service enables you to clearly see your campaign results at all times. Updated reports are delivered to your inbox weekly.


Custom Audience Development

Reach the audiences that matter most to your business. Impakt has developed the largest selection of custom audiences for your niche that enables you to advertise to the right people and drive the greatest results.

Content Creation

Compelling content is what drives results. Our internal content creation team will develop the video, animated and graphical assets that cut through the noise and grabs the attention of your customers.   

Video Marketing

Our video team will utilize your core brand assets to create effective video marketing materials. At the same time, they will brainstorm new and creative ways to prop up your brand. Our social media team will use this content to target the highest-converting audience possible.

Search Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Our internal web team will do a comprehensive evaluation of how you rank on Google then formulate and execute a plan that will increase your ranking and increase organic traffic.

Pay Per Click Search Advertising

Our marketing experts will drive traffic using important keywords that high-value customers needing your product use. We deploy our campaign optimization process to efficiently get traffic and conversions.

Audience Analytics

No more guessing. Our audience analytics allow you to discover new things about your audience that will lead to more informed business and marketing decisions. Our proven and tested analytics lead to a greater ROI.

Website Design & Optimization



Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Our team will help you monetize your website traffic by running scientific split tests to increase conversion rate and average order value. We provide data-driven reports to show your growth over time.


e-commerce Website/Funnel Design

Our web team will create effective and stunning marketing-driven websites and funnels that load quickly, run on anything, and accomplish your specific objective. Our web team specializes in ecommerce and migrations.



Web Maintenance

We offer very competitive web maintenance packages. Since we started offering these, we have had a 100% retention rate with them. Not a single client has cancelled.



Hack Prevention

Our team will backup your website weekly and prevent hacks. We store backups on a server that is not connected to the internet. In the unlikely event of a hack, we can wipe the server and restore your website within minutes. This is included for FREE with our web maintence packages.

Metrics Matter!

Every single Impakt client receives a customized campaign report every month, empowering them to take an objective look on how their campaign is doing. Our reports are auto-generated, meaning we don't manipulate the numbers to make the ads look better than they actually are.


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