4 Reasons Why Clickfunnels Courses Suck

Posted Tuesday, November 14, 2023

By: Mike Hudgins

4 Reasons Why Clickfunnels Courses Suck

Clickfunnels is excellent at making sales, but it doesn’t really care about helping the customer actually learn the material after the purchase is complete. After all, when someone buys your $697 course, you have their money. Clickfunnels is in the business of helping the creator sell the course, since the creators are the ones being billed for Clickfunnels. Russel Bronson’s books echo this point, by being focused on encouraging everyone to monetize their knowledge. I have been frustrated by the layout of Clickfunnels courses for a long time, but let me go over some of the terrible things about it, then I will transition into offering a better solution that is literally free.

No Deep Linking

I get emails/comments from users that have purchased Impakt Marketing Academy. Sometimes the questions that I am sent are answered by video content in the course, but here is the problem. I can’t reply to their email/comment with a link that specifically goes to that content. Instead, I have to say “log in to IMA and click the ecommerce tab, then click on the fourth video” which just puts more work on the user for no reason. People are lazy, and they paid us handsomely for the knowledge in the course. There is no reason that Clickfunnels still has not implemented this feature yet. Creators like me have been asking for this for years.

No Quizzes Or Tests

You pay attention to material more when you know you will be tested on it. This is because you feel more accountable to yourself and to whomever is looking at your grades. When we train our new sales staff, we have them take quizzes between training videos. They know it will reflect bad on them if they are constantly failing the quizzes, so they pay very close attention to the videos. That’s just one reason that quizzes are valuable. Any learning management system worth its salt has this sort of functionality. People aren’t just paying for the knowledge you are giving them. They are also paying for you to help them learn what they are trying to learn.

No Certification Process

People like to be rewarded for their hard work. Clickfunnels does not give creators the ability to reward users who take the course, and complete it, a certification. Clickfunnels also does not support congratulatory emails to encourage users to keep going. If a user completes 1 of 10 classes, they should be able to receive an email congratulating them for their hard work, and encouraging them to continue learning. Yeah, I already have their money, but I would like them to learn what they paid for. If I do a good job with that, and they earn a useful certification, they will encourage their friends with similar interests to take my classes.

No Watch Tracking

Clickfunels does not give users the ability to track what they have/haven’t watched! This means if they are interested in resuming where they left off in a large catalog, they will either have to write it down or remember it. This is fine when someone is selling a course with 5 videos, but when your catalog is dozens of videos, it can get impossible for the user to figure out which content they have yet to watch. This is another symptom that Clickfunnels is not concerned with actually bringing as much value as possible to the purchaser, but rather just make it as simple as possible for the person subscribing to Clickfunnels to make sales.

My Suggestions

Sell the course on Clickfunnels then use another service to build out the actual course. My favorite alternative to Clickfunnels for courses is Learnpress, a free plugin for WordPress that I do not get a single cent for recommending. Learnpress can be installed on any WordPress website, and supports everything above that Clickfunnels does not. It is actually easier to build out a course in Learnpress, since all you have to do is add the lessons to a course. It does all the hard work for you. I really like the ability to add a quiz after each video, then a big test at the end of an entire course. I know if I make these tests/quizzes difficult enough that I can stand by anyone with the determination to get through it. I can easily recommend them to an employer, or bring them onto our internship program. I think almost every business could use an internal employee training method, and Learnpress fits that bill.

The only drawback of using Clickfunnels to sell, then have a user take a course on Learnpress is a delay. They will have to wait between a purchase and being able to access the material, since they will need to be added manually by you as a user in Learnpress. This isn’t a huge problem if you inform the user about it before they buy. A good way around this is having an email sequence that sends the first few “Introduction” videos over 3 days. These can focus on getting to know the creators of the courses and their qualifications. That way when a user gets into the meat and potatoes of the course, they already trust the instructor’s competency. Try to add them as a user as quickly as possible and send them their login. There is no reason why it can’t be a next business day thing.


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