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Impakt helps to improve your customer conversions in as little as 30 days, so you can confidently
send more traffic to your site & increase sales. Interested in increasing conversions with our
website profitability prorgam?

Research Is A Part of Our Process That Ensures Successful Results

We start by having a meeting to determine your goals. What are you trying to do on your website? Make more sales? Get more leads? Convey valuable information?

It’s extremely important that we understand your product, and what makes your brand unique. We want to be able to explain what makes your product great. What problem it solves is extremely important and it’s our objective to do a great job explaining this to your audience.

Once we understand what the website needs to achieve for you, we do painstakingly detailed research on achieving your objective. We watch thousands of recordings of users interacting with websites just like yours. We look at hundreds of heat maps that show what percentage of users click on different parts of the screen on your ecommerce store.

See More About Our Process & A Several Awesome Results …

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Have you ever wondered exactly how users interact with your website? Using our tools, we can see exactly what percentage of users interact with sections on your website. Using that information, we can come up with tests to help people find what they are looking for, resulting in more sales for you. We look at mobile and desktop users completely seperately.

Bonus: This information is really useful for coming up with new products to offer your customers.


Our team watches recordings of people interacting with your website. After watching thousands of videos, trends start to become obvious. Now it is finally time to start testing!

Data Never Lies

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the e-commerce profitability service for?


Any ecommerce business making at least $30,000/month in revenue OR getting at least 10,000 hits on their website every month.

How confident are you that you can increase my website sales?


If you pass all of our qualifying questions, we guarantee we will get your results. In fact, we don't let anyone into our Web Profitability program unless we are for sure going to ROI for them. We will give you specific expectations that you can hold us to.

This sounds too good to be true. What's the catch?


There really isn't one. The service isn't cheap, but if we take you into the program, you will make more than you pay us from our efforts. Very few industries can statistically prove their value to you. If we run a test where the original makes 10k and the variant makes 20k, we just made you 10k in 2 weeks. The reality is every ecommerce website out there should be doing Web Profitability. It's such a low hanging fruit.

How long does it take to get results?


Approximately 1 month. The day you sign on with us, our team requests access to your store so that they can install the software on your site. Then for 2 weeks they collect data and go through it in detail. Then, they develop and launch the first test. The test then runs for two weeks, or until it has at least 5,000 users, and we send you a detailed report of the results. We keep you informed every step, but the first result comes in 30 days, and after that every two weeks.

Can you share info on how we collaborate?


Absolutely we can!

But first it would be helpful to know more about your product or service. We could send you to a form to complete, however we believe that there is power in conversations. Scheduling a quick call is the best way to collaborate.

Let’s talk so that we can have a solid understanding of your business.

Where can I find info about your program?


Our site is the best place for basic information, but if you’re interested in learning about new services, training programs, and collaboration opportunities you can always sign up for our newsletter.

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