Building The Right Systems For Marketing Your Business

Posted Monday, March 18, 2024

By: Jeff Welsh

Building The Right Systems For Marketing Your Business

Over the years I’ve built many systems for my agency business. That doesn’t mean I’ve had to be the one actually doing the work. Pretty much at every level I have either built the systems we use or had my hand in its creation. What I’m referring to is that I’ve been involved as either the visionary, manager or at the production level at some point.

What type of systems am I referring to? I’m talking about the processes a team has to use to manage various workflows in a company. These systems are found at every angle of a company (marketing, sales, hr, etc), but for today’s conversation let’s take a look at what’s involved to create the right systems for marketing your business.

In my opinion, it doesn’t matter what type of business you have. You can have an e-commerce store or other offer, regardless you will need a proven marketing system that works seamlessly with your sales process.

Building a successful marketing process for a business involves several key systems and strategies that work together to achieve business objectives.

Let’s briefly review the eight areas involved in your overall marketing process. These areas are the systems we developed over time in order to manage the workflow that comes through the agency.

Market Research

Before anything else, it's crucial to understand your target market, including their needs, preferences, behaviors, and demographics. Market research can be conducted through surveys, interviews, focus groups, and analysis of existing data.

    Product Development

    Based on the insights gained from market research, a system for developing or improving products or services that meet the needs of your target market is essential. This involves ideation, design, testing, and feedback loops.

      Branding and Positioning

      This system involves creating a unique image and position in the market that distinguishes your business from competitors. It encompasses your brand identity (e.g., logo, colors, messaging) and how you communicate your value proposition.

        Marketing Channels and Distribution

        This includes the selection and management of various channels to reach your target audience effectively. It could involve digital marketing (SEO, PPC, social media, email marketing), traditional marketing (print, TV, radio), or a mix of both, along with distribution strategies for your products or services.

          Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

          A CRM system helps manage interactions with current and potential customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability. It's essential for understanding customer behaviors, managing leads, and personalizing marketing efforts.

            Content Marketing System

            This strategy focuses on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. Content can be blogs, videos, infographics, podcasts, etc.

              Analytics & Measurement System

              To gauge the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, it's important to have systems in place for tracking metrics and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). This involves using tools like Google Analytics, social media analytics, and other measurement tools to make data-driven decisions.

                Continuous Improvement & Feedback Loop

                Finally, a system for regularly reviewing and optimizing your marketing process is critical. This involves A/B testing, staying updated with market trends, soliciting customer feedback, and continually refining your strategies.

                In Closing

                There is much more to each of these areas, but the above is a brief description of what we have perfected over time. Without having these systems in place in your business, you will be spinning your wheels to survive. I can speak from experience on this topic.

                Many of these areas are covered in our FREE training at our Ad Agency Academy community over on the new Skool platform. It costs you nothing more than giving us your name, email and answering a few questions to jump right in. It’s proven to be a valuable resource for many of our clients, so you may want to check it out. I’d love to be able to help you scale your business faster by learning from our experienced team.

                Jeff Welsh
                Co-founder, COO
                Impakt Results, LLC.

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