Inbox Mastery: Elevate Your Email/SMS Marketing Game

Posted Friday, February 16, 2024

By: McCay Rasmussen

Inbox Mastery: Elevate Your Email/SMS Marketing Game

Email/SMS marketing stands tall, with 30% of global marketers swearing by its unmatched return on investment. It's not just a channel; it's your gateway to exceptional returns and customer engagement.

A good rule of thumb to diagnose whether or not you are utilizing this channel effectively is by calculating to see if at least 20% of your annual revenue is coming from email/sms marketing.

If not, don't stress! I'm here to give you a few freebies in terms of which flows you need to set up asap!

Let's dive into this a bit deeper shall we? There is typically 50/50 on revenue from Flows vs Campaigns but before we progress let's define what each of these actually mean.

Email/SMS Flow:

  • Definition: An email or SMS flow is a series of automated, pre-scheduled messages triggered by specific actions or events in a customer's journey. These messages are sent sequentially to guide the subscriber through a predefined path, providing personalized and timely content based on their behavior.
  • Example: A welcome flow that includes a series of emails sent to a new subscriber over a few days, introducing them to the brand, sharing valuable content, and eventually leading to a special offer.

Email/SMS Campaign:

  • Definition: An email or SMS campaign is a one-time or recurring marketing message sent to a specific group of recipients for a particular purpose or promotion. Campaigns are typically planned, created, and executed as standalone initiatives, often with a specific call-to-action or promotional goal.
  • Example: A Black Friday email campaign sent to your entire subscriber list, promoting special discounts and urging recipients to shop during the holiday sale.

In essence, while an email or SMS campaign is a focused, singular message sent for a specific purpose, an email or SMS flow is a series of automated messages designed to guide and nurture recipients over time based on their interactions and behaviors. Flows are more dynamic, adapting to individual customer journeys, whereas campaigns are typically broader, targeting a specific audience for a particular promotion or event.

Lets move to the types of flows you should consider setting up asap if you don't have them already. 

Welcome Series:

  • Objective: Introduce new subscribers to your brand and encourage engagement.
  • Content: Welcome message, brand story, and a special offer or incentive.

Abandoned Cart Recovery:

  • Objective: Recover potential lost sales from abandoned carts.
  • Content: Reminder of items in the cart, possibly with a discount or incentive to complete the purchase.

Order Confirmation:

  • Objective: Provide a confirmation and reassure customers about their recent purchase.
  • Content: Order details, estimated delivery date, and customer support information.

Shipping Confirmation:

  • Objective: Keep customers informed about the shipping status of their order.
  • Content: Shipment tracking details and estimated delivery information.

Post-Purchase Follow-up:

  • Objective: Collect feedback, encourage reviews, and promote additional products.
  • Content: Thank-you message, request for feedback or reviews, and related product recommendations.

Re-engagement Series:

  • Objective: Bring inactive subscribers back into the fold.
  • Content: Special offers, personalized recommendations, or reminders of what they're missing.

Upsell and Cross-Sell Flows:

  • Objective: Increase average order value by suggesting complementary or upgraded products.
  • Content: Recommendations based on past purchases, exclusive offers, or bundles.

VIP or Loyalty Program Communication:

  • Objective: Nurture loyalty and reward your most engaged customers.
  • Content: Exclusive offers, early access to sales, and personalized loyalty rewards.

Birthday/Anniversary Flows:

  • Objective: Celebrate special occasions with your customers and encourage purchases.
  • Content: Personalized birthday or anniversary messages with a special discount or offer.

Win-Back Campaigns:

  • Objective: Re-engage customers who haven't interacted with your brand for a while.
  • Content: Special offers, updates on what they've missed, and an incentive to return.

Holiday/Seasonal Campaigns:

  • Objective: Capitalize on festive seasons and holidays to drive sales.
  • Content: Seasonal promotions, themed offers, and limited-time discounts.

Product Launch Series:

  • Objective: Build anticipation and drive sales for new product launches.
  • Content: Teasers, exclusive sneak peeks, and early access offers

The nice thing about flows is they are a lot of front end work but afterwards are basically hands off and should in theory bring in consistent revenue.

Next let's talk about campaigns and frequency. The amount of emails you send on a weekly basis entirely depends on the size of your list and your brand's messaging.

Not every email/sms campaign has to be ‘salesy’ so make sure you are providing value through content rather than just spamming sales.

A few tips to remember when writing emails / sms

Personalization is King:

Say goodbye to generic communication and embrace personalized engagement. Tailor your messages with insights from pre-sourced data, crafting unique interactions that leave a lasting impression. Elevate your strategy with personalized precision, breaking free from one-size-fits-all approaches.

Crystal Clear Messaging:

Transparency is the foundation of lasting customer relationships. Communicate your deals with clarity, avoiding misleading tactics. Over-communicate positive aspects to build trust that goes the distance.

Segmentation Strategies:

Segmentation isn't exclusive to emails. Divide your SMS audience wisely, considering preferences, demographics, and past behavior. This ensures highly personalized campaigns that resonate deeply.

Timing is Everything:

Experiment with timing for optimal engagement. Avoid overwhelming your audience and discover the sweet spot to deliver messages that pack a punch.

Remember that email/sms marketing can be one of the most lucrative channels but only if you have a solid foundation of flows and campaigns. If you don't yet have a robust strategy in place, you might be missing out on valuable opportunities to engage with your audience effectively. Take the time to build a comprehensive framework of personalized flows and targeted campaigns. Understand your audience, leverage pre-sourced data, and create content that speaks directly to their preferences. Whether it's a welcome series, abandoned cart recovery, or a seasonal promotion, each email or SMS should be a deliberate step in guiding your audience through a meaningful journey. With a well-established foundation, you can unlock the full potential of email/SMS marketing, cultivating lasting relationships and driving substantial returns for your business. So, invest in the power of strategic planning, and watch as your email/SMS efforts become a cornerstone of your success. If you’d like to get a free analysis of your email / sms marketing strategy reach out to us and schedule a call!

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