Split Page Testing: CRO And UTM At Work

Posted Wednesday, November 15, 2023

By: Mike Hudgins

Split Page Testing: CRO And UTM At Work

UTM is a format, introduced by Google Analytics, that can track unique URLs that a company creates when consumers use them to see how customers behave. Less commonly referred to by its full name, Urchin Tracking Module, it can be utilized in many ways and definitely works well with CRO.

CRO, or conversion rate optimization, is defined by Moz as, “…the systematic process of increasing the percentage of website visitors who take a desired action — be that filling out a form, becoming customers, or otherwise.” Singularly, conversions are just site visitors accomplishing a sought-out goal by the brand. That can be a big as making a purchase or a small as signing up for an email list.

Now, mixing both CRO and UTM together can create an amazing opportunity for our clients to record and take notes on their consumers’ behavior as they convert, or make a purchase.

Impakt has the ability to split test webpages using UTM to see how consumers act on slight changes to clicking behavior. It is like A/B test. By creating a landing page that only 50% of the test will receive, for they are randomly selected, consumers will see a slightly modified screen in contrast to what the normal purchasing page looks like.

It can register the behavior of people coming in to check out the page to make a purchase. Do subtle changes lead them to cart or abandon it? Does their purchase session increase or decrease in time due to the changes you have made?

Impakt does CRO for clients, and we can split the variant up to sixteen different pages. The more options for the variant, the better the chance is you’ll hone in how your consumers will act. Sometimes the variants don’t affect anyone at all, but you won’t know unless you throw off your consumers.

Recently, we tested this variant with a client and their purchasing page. We omitted the price from 50% of the landing page, as opposed to the page with pricing. So 50% of users were getting a page with the price on it and 50% weren’t. Turns out, price didn’t matter much to our audience. They actually opted to put more in their cart and follow through with the transaction without a price.

No one would ever know that unless they had CRO and UTM. They are extremely beneficial elements to purchase rate or even how to gauge what your audience really cares about. What items or aspects of your brand really speak to them?

Taking the time to test out these experiments can benefit your brand in the long-run, and even increasing longevity in your relationships with your customers. It’s hard to know exactly what people want unless you can use these tools to determine that. What do your consumers seek out? What could they care less about? Don’t miss the opportunity to finally see into the mind of your customers.


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